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EDUSREF 2019 Conference Official Proceedings

ISBN: 978-605-80996-1-6

Front Page

Questioning of Changes in Education: Looking for Priorities         1-7
Mustafa Ozmusul

Graduate Orphans of ELT Departments: A Critical Inquiry            8-13
Omer Gokhan Ulum

Cultural Policy of ELT in Turkey                                                        14-19
Omer Gokhan Ulum

The Integrating of ICTs in the teaching of the Physical sciences
in Morocco: Challenges and Obstacles                                             20-27
Zineb Azar, Oussama Dardary, Malika Tridane, Said Benmokhtar, 
Said Belaaouad

Examining Teacher Candidates’ Learning Strategies With Regard
to Various Variables                                                                            28-35
Senol Orakci, Yalcin Dilekli

Investigaton of the Individual Innovativeness Levels of Teacher 
Candidates                                                                                          36-40
Senol Orakci